4Apples Industrial Limited

Dry Split Ginger

Nigeria is the third-largest exporter of ginger in the world, having a comparative advantage over China and India. Ginger is a commodity that is highly valued in international markets…

The uses of Dried Split Ginger are almost endless ranging from its aroma, pungency, and high oil and Aleo resin content. Nigeria’s production in 2010 was estimated at 220,000 metric tons (FAO). Out of this, 10% is locally consumed as fresh ginger while 90% is split and dried primarily for the export markets. 4Apples Industrial Limited contributes significantly to the exportation of ginger to countries in Europe, North America, and Asia where it is used for confectionery, perfumes, beverages, and pharmaceuticals. Dried ginger is also used in the production of baked products like gingerbread, ginger biscuits, etc. It contains medicinal qualities, and it is also used to calm nausea and aids digestion.