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Our Introduction

4Apples Industrial Limited Company was established under the Nigerian Companies Act to carry out agricultural-related activities such as cocopeat production, coco husk chips, coir pots, vermicompost, natural infill, Agro-commodities trading, crop farming, livestock farming, agricultural product trading, and other agricultural-related activities. The company began operations in 2014 and was legally formed under the Nigerian Companies Act in 2016. Its current turnover exceeds $50 million. 4Apples is a significant exporter of Agro-commodities, Coir Fibre, and Coir Pith. We provide high-quality coco peat powder in both Low and High EC grades. Our headquarters are located at 1, Agosu Road, off Km. 47 Idiroko Expressway, Oke Odan, Ogun State. We have the capacity to supply 300mts of Low EC peat and 250mts of High EC peat every month.

What We’re Doing

We’re Selling Healthy Products

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Agro-commodities Products

Our Products

We are committed to revolutionizing the supply chain of various agric produce in Africa and we are starting with a few products.

Hibiscus flower

Hibiscus flower is grown in the northern part of Nigeria by farmers, and it is usually harvested from late November to December.


Groundnuts (Java), a staple food for many developing countries, are High-quality Groundnut locally sourced in Nigeria and has been in high demand due to its uniqueness of high oil, fiber, and protein content.

Cashew Nuts

Nigeria is one of the worlds known raw cashew nuts-producing countries from West Africa. The raw nuts, gotten from the cashew tree, are processed, and used in dishes such as soups and stews in some parts of India due to its high health benefits.

Pure Organic Products

Premium Coconut Derivative Products From Nigeria.

4Apples Industrial Limited is a leading manufacturer and exporter of premium coconut derivative products from Nigeria. Our product line includes coconut fiber, cocopeat, and coco chips. Our manufacturing process begins by processing coconut husks, drying the coconut fiber and cocopeat, and packaging our products for shipment.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and our ability to control our production process. Unlike many of our competitors, we rely mainly on our own production, which allows us to supply better quality products to our clients. We source our coconut husks from nearby plantations, ensuring that our products are of the highest quality

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Our Quality Standards

Quality Assurance

We exercise rigorous quality policies in all our business activities and consistently focus on offering a superior quality range of our products.

Timely Shipments

Growing competition and an increasing need for timely shipment delivery has necessitated that we develop adequate IT infrastructure and mobile solutions that enables us sustain efficient delivery chain management.

Customized Packaging

Our packaging provide effective barriers, offer moisture retention or prevention and protect the contents from exposure to the elements or other damaging factors.

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