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Diversification of businesses, geographies, and revenues, backed up by disciplined risk management practices, continue to be the pillars of the overall company strategy. Creating long-term and sustainable values for our suppliers, customers, employees, and all business partners is our primary focus as an experienced, efficient professional team. Our team specializes in sourcing and delivering strategic raw materials, as well as adding value at every stage of the supply chain.

Who We Are

4Apples Industrial Limited Company was established under the Nigerian Companies Act to carry out agricultural-related activities such as cocopeat production, coco husk chips, coir pots, vermicompost, natural infill, Agro-commodities trading, crop farming, livestock farming, agricultural product trading, and other agricultural-related activities. The company began operations in 2014 and was legally formed under the Nigerian Companies Act in 2016. Its current turnover exceeds $50 million. 4Apples is a significant exporter of Agro-commodities, Coir Fibre, and Coir Pith. We provide high-quality coco peat powder in both Low and High EC grades. Our headquarters are located at 1, Agosu Road, off Km. 47 Idiroko Expressway, Oke Odan, Ogun State. We have the capacity to supply 300mts of Low EC peat and 250mts of High EC peat every month.

Mission Statement

Lead the way toward reducing famine in Nigeria and around the world by ensuring that food is available to everybody. To become a major global commodity trading firm with a presence in ten African nations by 2030. We prioritize mutual trust and belonging from suppliers to end users, inspired by honesty and justice.

Our Strength

We have a dedicated, experienced, and hardworking team that ensures the fulfillment of commitments with all of our business partners, and we have a very clear vision. In-depth understanding of markets and commodities. A widespread presence and a capable infrastructure. We have a Laboratory which is equipped with all equipment and chemicals to carry out various quality tests for incoming and outgoing goods.

Our strong and long presence in West Africa makes us the trusted leader in the business of Agric commodities. We are having a team of specialized traders and inspectors to fulfill our commitment to the timely shipment of committed quality cargo. The key to our competitiveness and success is in the trust and confidence of our supplier as well as our final Buyer which we have earned during the last fourteen years. 

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