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Coconut fiber

Nature’s strongest fiber, for a sustainable future

Indonesia is one of the world’s largest producers of coconut fiber, with many small and medium-sized businesses dedicated to the production and export of this valuable resource. The country’s tropical climate and abundant coconut plantations make it an ideal location for the cultivation and production of coconut fiber.

At 4Apples, we connect you with the best natural fiber. We are a manufacturer and supplier of coconut fiber in Indonesia. We offer our services nationwide and worldwide, with fast shipping throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan, China, and South Korea. We produce high quality products at competitive prices. 

Coconut fiber is a type of compost harvested from coconut husk. Naturally, it is a waste, however we successfully turn waste into an added-value product with high economic value.

Coconut fiber is very suitable for automotive seat-cushion, coir mattress, brushes, substitution for synthetic polyester fibers in compression moulded composites, specifically, in the manufacture of boot liners, floor panels, and interior door panels for automobiles.