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Coco pea

 Coco peat, also known as coconut fibre, coir fibre, or coir, is a naturally growing media produced from coconut husk. It was traditionally considered a waste product as a byproduct of coconut fiber extraction. This plant material is non-fibrous, spongy, lightweight, and corky, and is manufactured from coconut husk. It is constructed of coconut husks and is used for gardening.
 The fibrous husks of coconuts are used to make coco chips. These husks are rinsed and shredded into little pieces to remove any contaminants. The end result is a lightweight, fluffy material that can be used as a plant growing medium.

One of the primary advantages of coco chips is their capacity to retain water. They can hold up to ten times their weight in water, making them ideal for plants that demand a lot of moisture. They also have adequate drainage, which keeps water from becoming trapped in the soil and causing root rot.